The Write Word ®
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Some of the Services We Provide
Civil Officiant for Wedding Ceremonies
and Funeral Ceremonies
Writing, Editing, Proofreading, and Internet Research
Contact us to write your professional letters, or
a special poem for that special someone in your life.

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The Write Word® is an 8-A, woman-owned, small business enterprise; and registered federal trademark and service mark of Rose Marie Dorer. This entire web site and ALL its pages (including all related pages: Bio, Clients, Resume, Favorites, Books, Notary, etc., business card, Lady at Computer, and WriteisRight logos) were designed by Rose Marie Dorer; and no part of them, past, present, or future, may be reproduced without the express written consent of the owners. Copyright 1993-2011, The Write Word® and Rose Marie Dorer (Berne Convention).

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We are the owners of the federally registered trademark, "Write Word." It's a cute turn of phrase, and lots of folks seem to like it. After all, they're using it illegally in their own businesses. We do make it a policy to litigate, especially where the illegal use is identical to ours (trademark counterfeiting is a felony, by the way), and where the use is persistent and ostentatious. You may be using it, yourself, or know of someone who is. If so, we can make that use legal simply by licensing the user. We'd rather do that than file lawsuits. If you're interested, please CONTACT US.

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